Megan, the oldest of six children, spent her childhood in a close-knit rural community in Southeast Idaho. At the age of 14, she shared a night of bonding with two of her sisters, sleeping under the stars on the family's trampoline. Unfortunately, that night took a horrifying turn when Keith Hescock Jr. abducted Megan while her family was sleeping. 

When morning came, Hescock had to leave for work, but he left Megan bound and trapped. Despite the terrifying situation, Megan summoned incredible strength and courage. She managed to break free from the zip ties, chain, and even a locked door, making her escape from captivity. 

With unwavering determination, Megan provided the police with crucial information about her kidnapper and the location of his residence. Her bravery and quick thinking not only led to her rescue but also helped the authorities in their pursuit of justice for her and others who may have suffered at the hands of Keithe Hescock Jr. 


Gina is Megan's mother. After realizing that no one had seen Megan since the night before, she called Megan's father to come and help search for her. (Did not participate in the interviews, but is heard in news coverage that is played on the podcast.)


Darrel, Megan's father, came home from work to help search for Megan. He called a friend to bring a helicopter to help search the area by air. He also called the police and asked for help finding his daughter. (Did not participate in the interviews, but is heard in news coverage that is played on the podcast.)


Nicole is the younger sister of Megan and was seven at the time of her abduction. She woke up sometime in the night and noticed Megan was gone. Assuming she had gone back inside the house to sleep, Nicole headed back in the house as well. In the morning she was asked to go and wake her sisters but could not find Megan. 


Lindsey is Megan's sister. She was 11 at the time of the abduction. She was sleeping on the trampoline with her that night but did not wake up. (Did not participate in the interviews, but is mentioned.)


Teddy was the family's dog. He barked that night to try and deter Hescock, but was not enough to scare him away. He bit him in the caff to try and protect Megan from him. 

Friends | Neighbors | Classmates

Current photo of Misty, Darrel's secretary that picked up Megan after she escaped.


Misty worked for Megan's father, Darrel. She was the secretary at his office. After Darrel was asked to come home to help search for Megan, Misty stayed behind to answer the phones in case Megan called. When Megan called, Misty went to pick her up and took her home to her parents.  


Keira was a close friend and neighbor to Megan. They often spent their free time together and attended the same church. Outside of Megan's family, Keira was one of the last people to see her the night before. She was one of the first people Megan's parents reached out to when looking for Megan. She was later interviewed by police to help determine if Megan would run away. 

Image of Megan's friend Whitney, taken around the time of the kidnapping.


Whitney was a close friend of Megan's. Her family often included Megan and her sister Lindsey in camping trips and vacations. Megan had planned to go on a camping trip with Whitney and her family in the coming days. Megan's mom called Whitney to see if she had any idea where Megan might be. She was also interviewed by police.  


Peggy was a neighbor and friend of Darrel and Gina, Megan's parents. The night that Megan and her sisters slept on the trampoline, their brother stayed the night at Peggy's house. When she brought him home the next day, she learned that Megan was missing. She offered to watch Megan's siblings while they searched for her.   

Image of Megan's friend Amber taken around the time of the kidnapping


Amber was a friend of Megan's and considered her like a little sister. She often babysat for the family. She and her family also attended the same church. Her father served in a leadership role with Megan's dad, for their church. 


Faydra attended school with Megan. She also lived with and was the niece of Kieth Hescock. 


Bonneville County Sheriff's Office Badge

Deputy Brian Stositch  

Deputy Stositch was the responding deputy to Megan's home the morning her parents called to report her missing. He stayed with the family throughout the day to help with searches and interviews. 

He has since left law enforcement to pursue other career opportunities. 

Bonneville County Sheriff's Office Badge

Sergeant Brian Lovell  

At the time of Megan's abduction, Sergeant Lovell was a deputy and had joined Stositch to help search the property for any sign of Megan. Later he joined the pursuit for Keith Hescock and was involved in the shootout. He received the Medal of Valor for his acts of bravery.  

He is now serving as a Sergeant with Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. 

Bonneville County Sheriff's Office Badge

Detective Sergeant Kevin COx   

Detective Sergeant Kevin Cox was called and updated on Megan's case. At the time, it was not known what had happened to Megan. Not long before he was headed to Megan's home, dispatch received word that Megan had made contact and was headed home. 

Cox helped to coordinate SWAT at Hescock's home and was involved in the pursuit. He also participated in the Amber Hoopes investigation.  

He is now retired from the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. 

Sergeant Todd Raymond  

Sergeant Todd Raymond was at training on the day of Megan's kidnapping. However, he helped to activate the SWAT team and called to put the medical helicopter on standby. He joined the pursuit, hoping to help by putting down spike strips to stop Hescock's vehicle. 

When the pursuit came to an end, Sergeant Raymond took a position with a shotgun but was shot in the leg by Hescock. He received the Medal of Valor and the Purple Heart. 

He has since left law enforcement to pursue other career opportunities. 

Deputy Schiffler and K9 Rik

Deputy Jim Schiffler  

Deputy Jim Schiffler was part of the SWAT call to Hescock's residence. When the pursuit started, Schiffler took the first position behind Hescock's vehicle. He was the handler for K9 Rik, an apprehension canine for the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. His dashcam captured the pursuit on video. 

He is still working in law enforcement but works for a different department.  

K9 Rik

K9 Rik  

K9 Rik, a Belgian Malinois, had been working as a K9 deputy for one year before he was tragically shot by Keith Kescock and killed. He was two years old at the time of his death. His partner, Deputy Schiffler, received the Medal of Valor for Rik after his death. You can find Rik's name on the K9 Memorial in Meridian, Idaho. 

Bonneville County Sheriff's Office Badge

Deputy Chris Reed 

Deputy Chris Reed was a backcountry deputy at the time of Megan's abduction. However, he was able to help with the SWAT call on Hescock's residence. He had recently transferred from being a detective. He waited with Detective Sergeant Kevin Cox and joined the pursuit when Hescock ran from police. He helped Sergeant Raymond after he was shot in the leg. 

He is now retired from the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. 


Driver's license photo of Keith Glenn Hescock after Megan's kidnapping.

Keith "Mark" Glenn Hescock jr.   

Hescock was 42 when he kidnapped Megan from her family's trampoline. He was an ex-convict who had served time for theft in Salem, Oregon, and Tallahassee, Florida. He had lived in Oregon, Florida, and Idaho before his death. After a pursuit with police, Hescock took his own life to avoid the consequences of abducting a 14-year-old girl in Southeast Idaho. 

He is suspected in the abduction of Stephanie Crane from Challis, ID. and Amber Hoopes from Idaho Falls, ID. 

Missing Persons 

Mentioned in Podcast

Photo of Elizabeth Smart used on her missing posters

Elizabeth Smart   

Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her Salt Lake City home on June 5, 2002, the very same night as Megan. She was fourteen at the time and looked strikingly similar to Megan. 

She was found nine months after she had been abducted by Brian Mitchell.   

Image of Amber Hoopes given to the media after her disappearance

Amber Hoopes   

On September 14, 2001, Amber Shawnelle Hoopes vanished from her grandparents' home in Idaho Falls. She was 20 years old at the time and worked for her grandparents at Classic Auto Body, next door to their home. 

The main suspect in her case was Keith Glenn Hescock, a tool salesman who had worked for Classic Auto Body and left on bad terms. 

Image of Stephanie Crane used on her missing flyers.

Stephanie Crane   

On October 11, 1993, Sandi Crane walked into the Custer County Sheriff's office with an agonizing report: her nine-year-old daughter Stephanie was missing. The last known sighting of Stephanie was near the Challis Lanes Bowling Alley, somewhere between 5 pm and 6 pm, walking toward Challis High School. 

Hescock is considered a suspect in her disappearance.