Amber Hoopes

On September 14, 2001, Amber Shawnelle Hoopes vanished from her grandparents' home in Idaho Falls. She was 20 years old at the time and worked for her grandparents at Classic Auto Body, next door to their home. The main suspect in her case was Keith Glenn Hescock, a tool salesman who had worked for Classic Auto Body and left on bad terms. 

Nine months after Amber's disappearance, a dramatic pursuit with the police ended in Hescock shooting a killing himself. It was Megan's kidnapping on June 5th, 2002 that led the police to his location, triggering the pursuit and shootout with authorities. 

Police had their suspicions about Hescock's involvement in Amber's disappearance right from the start. However, he was given an alibi by his family, preventing police from obtaining a search warrant. 

On the night Amber went missing, she had used the computer in the auto shop, wished her grandparents good night, and went to her room. However, in the middle of the night, her grandparents noticed she was gone, and their efforts to find her turned up nothing except the disappearance of a company truck from the shop. 

Despite extensive searches and community support, Amber's body was never found. The case remains open and active, but without concrete evidence, it's challenging to make further progress. 

Amber's family continues to hold on to their faith and memories of her, believing that they will be reunited with her one day. Hescock's death, in a way, brought closure to the case, as he can no longer harm anyone else, including his own family, who also suffered due to his actions.